Swiss Summer Breakfast

Hello!  Today I'm sharing about my favorite summer breakfast: Inspired in Switzerland!

In late May, my husband and I went to Europe to hike the Swiss Alps in the Berner Oberland!  

Located almost right in the middle of the country, this region includes wonderful hikes and scenery that will literally take your breath away!

We stayed in a modest (but excellent) hotel in the town of Interlaken.  This made a great home base for hiking the region.  We spent 3 days there, but covered a lot of ground in that time.  You can read more about our 3 day itinerary here.


Every day our hotel had a delicious breakfast, very European style: hard boiled eggs, meat and cheese, fruit and yogurt and what inspired this post: Muesli! 

Muesli is similar to granola, made with oats, different seeds and nuts and some dried fruit.  It was served in fresh yogurt and served chilled.  I enjoyed this so much, when we got home, I was determined to replicate it.



So I found some Muesli at our local health store, and used some organic yogurt, a little almond milk and viola!  Now it’s not quite the same as eating it in Switzerland, but I’ll just have to daydream until we return.  You can eat make it and eat it immediately, but I think it takes it to another level when you let it soak overnight to let the flavors really blend together.  This also allows you to speed up your morning!  Just throw it together in a bowl or a Mason Jar and it's ready to go in the morning!


Admittedly, I made this for some friends of mine and I did not let it soak overnight and it did not turn out quite the same.  


I’ve also learned that greek yogurt since it’s a little thicker, requires a little extra almond milk!  And you don't eat dairy, you can simply leave it out and just add more milk.  Sometimes I just do milk. Now I’ve gotten a little bit fancier and added berries and/or peaches to it, just to get more nutrients and fiber, and it gives even more flavor! 


Muesli has lots of fiber, protein and will keep feeling full!  It certainly gave us lots of energy for packed hiking days, which was what we wanted!  I also like that it's not too sweet, I try to avoid lots of added sugar to keep my energy level steady throughout the day. 

Recipe for Muesli:

1/2 cup of Muesli(You can find gluten free versions, which I like)

1/2 cup to 1 cup Almond Milk or Milk of your choice

1/3 cup of Organic Yogurt ( Greek or non Greek, try to find one with lower sugar or plain and add a little honey)

Top with strawberries, blackberries or blueberries or other fruit!

Soak Overnight or for a 2-3  hours in the Fridge.


Happy Adventuring!

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