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10 Ways to Survive Long-Haul Flights

Truthfully, I have a love/hate relationship with flying. My Dad was actually a pilot and flight instructor for his entire career, but interesting my mom hates to fly! These days I’m not super keen on the actual flight part of travel, but my apprehension is still trumped by the exhilaration I feel when landing in a new city or destination,

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Hawaii: Which Island to Visit For First-Timers

Hawaii is my happy place.  Just hearing Hawaiian music makes me smile.  My husband and I have been the 5 past years and we can't get enough of it.  We've spent countless  hours reading guidebooks and blog posts to find the best beaches, hikes, fun activities and places to stay!   A lot of our friends ask us for our recommendations about Hawaii so I thought it was time to put together a post of our recommendations!

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